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Dangers of drinking on Halloween

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Alcohol consumption on Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, drunk driving stories are nothing short of commonplace. It is quite unfortunate but alcohol consumption on Halloween and driving after drinking alcoholic beverages skyrockets around this time of year. Partying is a huge factor in celebrating this day, especially for college students and young adults.

If you are going to be drinking, it’s best to keep off the road – especially on Halloween. Police officers all over the United States set up many extra DUI checkpoints for Halloween, because while the alcohol consumption on Halloween increases, so does drunk driving. The purpose of setting up these DUI checkpoints is to clear the roads of impaired drivers who decided to drive after drinking alcohol past the legal limit.

Shocking and scary drunk driving statistic: Did you know that every 52 minutes on average, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident? In 2010, there were 10,228 people killed in a drunk driving accident. On Halloween, that statistic is sure to be higher because of all the partying involved with the holiday.

Another unsettling drunk driving statistic from the Examiner indicated that Maryland State Troopers arrested over 300 drunk drivers between October 29th and 31st in 2010. It is common for drunk driving to be more prevalent this time of year. That is why it is essential that law enforcement takes special care to remove drunk drivers from the roads to keep everyone safe and sound – and able to have a Happy Halloween.

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